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2014 Spring North Carolina PKAL Regional Network Meeting

A NC PKAL Network will leverage the expertise and experience of STEM educators within the state of North Carolina to facilitate greater engagement of STEM faculty and administrators to implement more effective, learner-centered teaching strategies to improve student learning and success in STEM education. As a result of faculty and administrator involvement in the NC PKAL Network, a strong, interconnected community that is focused on improving student learning and achievement in the STEM fields will grow.

The development of this network builds on the success of past and present PKAL initiatives focusing on developing leaders with the vision, political skills, and personal commitment to make a difference in American higher education in STEM fields. Your participation in the NC PKAL Network is critical to the future of our collective work in improving undergraduate STEM education for the success of all students, majors and non-majors alike.


North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences Raleigh, North Carolina