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MC - Miscellaneous

The Power Of Building Capacity

University of Wisconsin-Platteville , Tammy J. Salmon-Stephens

Highlight: Assisting underrepresented students achieve success in STEM fields does not necessarily mean creating new programs. Capacity building is an effective way to create synergy among existing programs and services.

CI - Course and Curriculum Improvement

Implementing Studio Physics Pedagogy at Concordia College

Concordia College , Heidi Manning

Highlight: Student learning increased with more active pedagogy in introductory physics classes.

Mathematics as a FirstSTEP to Success in STEM

Middle Tennessee State University , Tom Cheatham

Highlight: STEM majors with poor math preparation can be successful with interventions

TF - Two-Year/Four-Year Partnerships

A STEP up for the life sciences: Strengthening a research university/minority-serving college partnership

University of Florida , Eric W. Triplett

Highlight: Retention and graduation rates are slightly higher with a STEM distance program compared to the on-campus experience.

UR - Early Undergraduate Research & Internships

ASPIRES at Georgia Southern University

Georgia Southern University , Christine Whitlock

Highlight: All ASPIRES strategies together helped increase retention and decrease DFW rates.

Kapiolani Community College's STEP UP Program

Kapiolani Community College , Louise Pagotto

Highlight: Undergraduate Research Experience (URE) has been a significant “best-practice” for student engagement, retention, transfer and degree completion.

LC - Learning Communities and Cohort-Building

STEM Community Scholars Program

Daytona State College , LaKisha Holmes