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Central Florida’s (UCF’s) EXCEL program: a case study on the development, growth, success, and future plans for a STEP grant (EXCEL series:post 1)

Introduction to the EXCEL Series.

Hello, my name is Michael Georgiopoulos.  I am the principal investigator of the STEP Grant: UCF STEP Pathways to STEM: From Promise to Prominence “EXCEL” project and I have the unique honor of being the first STEP grantee to start up a Blog on  I would like to use this blog as an opportunity to share with the larger STEP Community my experiences, lessons learned, and road bumps as I worked, with my many colleagues from UCF, to develop the University of Central Florida’s EXCEL program.  I plan to share these ideas in a series of blog posts.  The first few posts will describe the early years of our program (2006-2009) including how we put the EXCEL coalition of faculty and staff together, how we kept it intact, and the consistent interaction with UCF administrators.  The second set of blogs will describe the pivotal EXCEL Executive committee meeting (December 2009) and our work to bring to the table additional outside supporters for EXCEL.  The final set of blogs will describe the later EXCEL years (2010-2011) and how we kept the external support in place, as well as plans to sustain this support for the years to come. I hope that you will find the time to follow my blogs, and I look forward to getting feedback and ideas from the entire STEP Central community.