Investigating the Effect of Active Flipped Learning in STEM Education


Jackson State University is examining the effect of active flipped learning on student success in STEM. The project team will structure an intervention around mathematics, physics, and engineering courses and conduct research to produce knowledge that can be used to enhance African American students' learning and engagement in STEM. The goal is to implement and assess the effectiveness of an evidence-based active flipped learning model on student outcomes.  <br/><br/>The project will be implemented using five experimental periods that will apply flipped learning and mixed traditional classroom lecture with active flipped learning. The activities will be guided by relevant affective, cognitive, and behavioral models. Participants will be provided data-driven personalized feedback, scaffolds, and learning tasks through advanced smart technologies. A series of surveys and interviews will be conducted to compare students' learning engagement, empowerment, self-efficacy, and satisfaction with active flipped learning. The project could catalyze a paradigm shift replacing passive learning with active learning in STEM education at HBCUs and other institutions.<br/><br/>This project is supported by the Historically Black Colleges and Universities Undergraduate Program (HBCU-UP) Targeted Infusion and Broadening Participation Research in Education tracks. This program supports ideas to create and study new models and innovations in STEM teaching and learning, investigate the underlying issues affecting the differential participation and success rates of students from underrepresented groups, and produce knowledge to inform STEM education practices and interventions.

Award - STEP Center: EHR-ENG STEP Innovation Center


Award - Polaris: Catalyzing Demographic Change in the Arctic Research Community through an Immersive and Sustained Undergraduate Research Experience


Award - Targeted Infusion Project: Innovating the Research Educational Experiences in Johnson C. Smith University's lower/upper level Chemistry Courses


Award - Broadening Participation Research: Applying Innovative Culturally Responsive Pedagogy for African American Middle School Teachers and Students to Broaden the STEM Pipeline


Award - Modules for Teaching Statistics with Pedagogies using Active Learning (MTStatPAL)


Award - Planning Project for: Preparing Undergraduates in STEM Holistically (PUSH)


Award - Implementation Project - Collaborative Methods for Addressing Student Success in Totality (CMAST III)


Award - EEES: Engaging Early Engineering Students to Expand Numbers of Degree Recipients


Award - EBEE: Enhancing Bioscience and Engineering Education through Curriculum Integration and Research Experiences in Systems Biology


Award - Pathways to Preparing Future Mathematics Faculty to Transform Undergraduate Mathematics Teaching and Learning


Award - Supporting a New Generation


Award - Faculty Learning for OutComes and Knowledge (FLOCK) at Fresno State


Award - Engineering Cultures: Expanding Global Competency


Award - NCA&T ADVANCE Institutional Transformation: Catalyzing Gender, Leadership, and Scholarship Equity through Institutional Change for All


Award - Implementation Grant: TALENT-21 Interdisciplinary Undergraduate Program at the Interface of Mathematics and Biology


Award - Broadening Participation Research Project: Charting a Path to Trans-disciplinary Collaborative Design


Award - Preparing New PhDs for Academic Careers: Efficacy of Holistic Faculty Development


Award - Finding the Roots: Interactive Influence of Individual, High School, and College Institutional Factors on the Success of Women and Underrepresented Minorities in STEM Majors


Award - STEM Focused Engagement of Undecided Students


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