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Active Learning Week 2018

December 03, 2018

Active Learning Week 2018 was a great success!

Thank you to the 134 STEM Faculty who took the Active Learning Week Pledge and joined our growing community of over 650 faculty and administrators who are committed to ensuring that their active learning classroom practices are culturally responsive – fully grounded in the lived experiences of students of all races/ethnicities, genders, sexual orientations, and socioeconomic statuses. Below we have compiled related resources and outcomes from Active Learning Week, plus a little bit more. We hope you find it valuable!

Video Showcase

Five outstanding STEM faculty each created engaging videos illustrating how they engaged their classrooms in active learning. Click here to view the video showcase:

Mechanics of Materials, by Dr. Nick Libre, Missouri S&T

Intro to Engineering Design, By Jill Schmitt, Missouri S&T

Active Learning in Virology, by Dave Westenberg, Missouri S&T

Active Learning in Electrical Engineering by Amardeep Samur, Missouri S&T

Active Learning Week at the University of Maryland Teaching and Learning Transformation Center, by Samantha Elliot, Maryland State University


The Active Learning Week webinar recordings are now available on STEM Central.

Working Towards More Equitable Team Dynamics: Mapping Student Assets to Minimize Stereotyping and Task Assignment Bias. By Dr. Elizabeth Stoddard and Dr. Geoff Pfeifer, both of Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

Supporting ALL Learners Using Active Learning Pedagogy
By Jose Blackorby, Adjunct Lecturer on Education, Harvard Graduate School of Education; Jiwon Hwang, Assistant Professor, Special Education, School of Social Science and Education, California State University, Bakersfield; Richard Eitel, Science Teacher, Bryan High School, Omaha, Nebraska

Active Learning Community and Resource Hub

Let’s keep the conversation going! Subscribe to the STEM Central Group for Culturally Responsive Active Learning, where you can post your experiences, join a discussion, and share your favorite resources for promoting culturally responsive active learning in your classroom, your department, or your institution.

Institutions that Participated in Active Learning Week:

American University, Austin College, Boise State University, Bridgewater State University, Bucknell University, California State University-Los Angeles, Chandler-Gilbert Community College, City Colleges of Chicago-Harry S Truman College, Dalton State College, Davidson College, Edmonds Community College, Edward Waters College, Estrella Mountain Community College, Franklin and Marshall College, George Mason University, George Washington University, Georgetown University, Georgia State University, Goodwin College, James Madison University, Jarvis Christian College, LIU Brooklyn, Lourdes University, Miami University-Oxford, Missouri University of Science and Technology, Morgan State University, North Carolina A & T State University, North Carolina State University at Raleigh, North Dakota State University-Main Campus, Northeastern University, Northern Kentucky University, Notre Dame College, Oregon State University, Pasadena City College, Polk State College, Portland Community College, CUNY Queens College, CUNY Queensborough Community College, Rider University, Rockingham Community College, Rollins College, Rutgers University-New Brunswick, Saint Louis University, Salem State University, Schreiner University, St John's University-New York, University of Georgia, University of Delaware, University of Louisville, University of Maryland-College Park, University of Maryland-Baltimore County, University of Nebraska at Omaha, University of New Hampshire-Main Campus, University of Oregon, University of Portland, University of South Carolina-Columbia, University of Southern Indiana, University of West Georgia, University of Wisconsin-River Falls, Wake Technical Community College, West Virginia University, Western Washington University, Westfield State University, Whatcom Community College, Williams College, Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Culturally Responsive Active Learning STEM Faculty:

Nathan Harshman, Associate Professor and Department Chair, American University; Jesse Meiller, American University; Laurie Stepanek, Professorial Lecturer, American University; Lance Barton, Professor, Austin College; Susan Shadle, Boise State University; Thomas Kling, Professor, Bridgewater State University; Margot Vigeant, Professor, Bucknell University; Timothy Raymond, Chair, Bucknell University; Rosa Leslie, Lecturer, California State University-Los Angeles; Jeannette Vaught, Lecturer, California State University-Los Angeles; Trey Cox, Faculty, Chandler-Gilbert Community College; Linda Meng, Faculty, Chandler-Gilbert Community College; April Strom, Faculty, Chandler-Gilbert Community College; Raymund Torralba, Doctor, City Colleges of Chicago-Harry S Truman College; Marina Smitherman, Doctor, Dalton State College; Kevin Smith, Associate Professor, Davidson College; Deann Leoni, Faculty, Edmonds Community College; Aileen Miller, Assistant Professor, Edward Waters College; Josetta Arnold, Coordinator, Edward Waters College; Mickey Nakagome, Faculty, Estrella Mountain Community College; Curtis Asplund, Assistant Professor, Franklin and Marshall College; Kelly Knight, Assistant Professor, George Mason University; Mihai Boicu, Associate Professor, George Mason University; Benjamin Dreyfus, Associate Professor, George Mason University; Leigh Frame, Program Director, George Washington University; Linda Green, Professor, Georgetown University; Joan Mutanyatta-Comar, Lecturer, Georgia State University; Cynthia Seiwert, Associate Professor, Goodwin College; Katie Quertermous, Associate Professor, James Madison University; Heather Griscom, Professor, James Madison University; Celes Woodruff, Assistant Professor, James Madison University; Susan Halsell, Associate Professor, James Madison University; George Vidal, Assistant Professor, James Madison University; Kim Slekar, Associate Professor, James Madison University; Cassie Williams, Associate Professor, James Madison University; Michael Renfroe, Professor, James Madison University; Tim Bloss, Associate Professor, James Madison University; Dana Moseley, Assistant Professor, James Madison University; Paul Warne, Professor, James Madison University; Bruce Wiggins, Professor, James Madison University; Elizabeth Johnson, Associate Professor, James Madison University; Elizabeth Brown, Associate Professor, James Madison University; Bisi Velayudhan, James Madison University; John Gilje, Professor, James Madison University; Gina MacDonald, Professor, James Madison University; Shelley Whitmeyer, Assistant Professor, James Madison University; Barbara Reisner, Professor, James Madison University; Mark Mattson, Associate Professor, James Madison University; Klebert Feitosa, Associate Professor, James Madison University; Widodo Samyono, Assistant Professor; Donna Amenta, Professor, James Madison University; Scott Krawczyk, Dean, LIU Brooklyn; Elizabeth Wise, Professor, Lourdes University; Rebecca Galvin, Instructor, Miami University-Oxford; Dave Westenberg, Associate Professor, Missouri University of Science and Technology; Sanjeeda Jafar, Assistant Professor, Morgan State University; Christine Hohmann, Professor, Northeastern University; Bethany Bowling, Associate Dean and Associate Professor, Northern Kentucky University; Tracey Meilander, Professor, Notre Dame College; Lori Kayes, Instructor, Oregon State University; Katie Rodriguez, Assistant Professor, Pasadena City College; Lisa Smelser, Professor, Polk State College; Dieterich Steinmetz, Dean, Portland Community College; Corinna Singleman, Professor, CUNY Queens College; Sabrina Avila, Director, CUNY Queensborough Community College; Kevin Kolack, Lecturer, CUNY Queensborough Community College; Alex Grushow, Professor and Chair; Rider University; Kathy Browne, Associate Professor and Chair, Rider University; Louis McIntyre; Director, Rockingham Community College; Gabrielle Rumley-Smith, Designer, Rockingham Community College; Nancy Chick, Director, Rollins College; Michael McDonough, Associate Professor, Rutgers University-New Brunswick; Mary Emenike, Assistant Professor, Rutgers University-New Brunswick; Lauren Aleksunes, Associate Professor, Rutgers University-New Brunswick; Rachel Kremen, Instructor, Rutgers University-New Brunswick; Elin Wicks, Rutgers University-New Brunswick; Michelle Sabick, Dean, Saint Louis University; Kristin Pangallo, Assistant Professor, Salem State University; Jayashree Ranga, Doctor, Salem State University; Tess Killpack, Assistant Professor, Salem State University; Chris Distel, Assistant Professor, Schreiner University; Paula Lazrus, Associate Professor, St John's University-New York; Sudhagar Mani, Associate Professor, University of Georgia; Oyenike Olabisi, Assistant Professor, University of Delaware; Manish Sharma, Director, University of Louisville; Samantha Elliott, Doctor, University of Maryland-College Park; Patrick Rault, Chair, University of Nebraska at Omaha; Sarah Prescott, Associate Professor, University of New Hampshire-Main Campus; Stephanie Majewski, Associate Professor, University of Oregon; Elly Vandegrift, Associate Director, University of Oregon; Sierra Dawson, Associate Vice Provost, University of Oregon; Angela Hoffman, Professor, University of Portland; Carolyn James, Coordinator, University of Portland; Stephanie Salomone, Chair, University of Portland; Buck Taylor, Assistant Professor, University of Portland; David Wynne, Assistant Professor, University of Portland; Beth Morton, Instructor, University of Portland; Christine Lotter, Associate Professor, University of South Carolina-Columbia; Amy Chan-Hilton, University of Southern Indiana; Glenn Spiczak, Professor, University of Wisconsin-River Falls; Gail Tompkins, Associate Professor, Wake Technical Community College; Jonathan Cumming, Professor, West Virginia University; Roxane Ronca, Instructor, Western Washington University; Christine von Renesse, Professor, Westfield State University; Kaatje Kraft, Faculty, Whatcom Community College; Laura Muller, Director, Williams College; Kristen Billiar, Professor, Worcester Polytechnic Institute; Beth Wilson, Adjunct Professor, Worcester Polytechnic Institute; Kris Boudreau, Professor, Worcester Polytechnic Institute