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I-10 The Dynamics of Real Time Course Management of STEP Projects Correction in the

Type: Workshop

Location: Jackson

Presenters: Rabi Ann Musah, Denise McKeon, Dianne Jester, and Hua Shi – State University of New York at Albany, Thomas Kling and Matthew Salomone – Bridgewater State University

Moderator: Myles Boylan – NSF

Despite how well conceived a funded proposal is, unforeseen discrepancies between intended implementation strategies and the reality "on the ground" often arise over the course of the funding period.  In these circumstances, it is essential that the issues be addressed and resources redirected as appropriate, in order to achieve project aims.  However, it can be challenging, particularly in the early phases of the project, to decide on if, how, where and when to introduce course corrections.  In this regard, significant experience has been gained during implementation of the SUNY-Albany and Bridgewater State University NSF-STEP projects. 

The goal of the workshop is to encourage participants to make effective use of the STEP meeting to formulate real-time course corrections for the realization of project goals.   We encourage multiple members of an institution’s STEP management team to attend our workshop, where they will work together in utilizing a conceptual framework to identify lever points where real-time course corrections can and should be made.   This framework can guide participants in exploiting the knowledge base and expertise offered at other NSF-STEP conference workshops and posters.

During the workshop, participants will:
• Explore the concept of real-time course correction though examination of illustrative case studies.
• Learn about a Conceptual Framework that provides for making strategic changes that lead to realization of the STEP project goal.
• Reflect on the evolution of their own project and how to apply the Conceptual Framework.
• Begin to develop a personal plan for making real-time course corrections.