STEM Central, an online networking platform of the Association of American Colleges and Universities, and its Project Kaleidoscope, serves as a resource for networks of STEM faculty communities working to improve and transform undergraduate STEM education in the United States through the study and practice of broadening participation.

Our new website is a powerful community development platform designed specifically to support STEM faculty, education researchers, administrators, funders, directors, coordinators, evaluators, and leaders at every level with the tools they need to achieve their goals in the realm of STEM higher education reform.  

STEM Central’s core values are to provide a safe and supportive place for STEM faculty to connect, learn, share, and discover, together for the purposes of broadening participation in undergraduate STEM education. At STEM Central, we hope to inspire you to Think. Lead. Know. Differently such that our faculty are fully empowered to lead change to address the needs of students, regardless of their backgrounds.  Let’s work together toward real change in how we can better recruit, retain, and graduate more diverse STEM students.

STEM Central supports communities of practice by offering a platform for networking and showcasing events, resources, and projects aimed at undergraduate STEM education reform. As a member of STEM Central, you can connect and collaborate with colleagues across the nation, engage in meaningful discussions, share your ideas and expertise, and learn from experts on topics of interest to you. It is our hope that by engaging with STEM Central, you will move closer to reaching your professional goals.

We welcome you!



We recently launched a new platform for STEM Central! It comes equipped with modern social networking tools that will bring individuals closer together in the virtual space dedicated to STEM reform. Here are the highlights:

Connect with colleagues: You can now search for potential colleagues and connect, follow, and message each other.

Create and manage a community group: Our groups are free and available to our members to build and manage grassroots communities of practice. The new groups on STEM Central have a library, discussion board, calendar, and their very own blog!  Your group can be public, restricted, or private. You can use groups to showcase your project for the STEM community, or for internal team building or program development functions. 

Manage and showcase your funded projects: The STEM Central Project Pages have the same basic functions as groups but are designed to specifically support NSF-funded projects that are focused on undergraduate STEM reform. We already have over 500 project pages listed in our database. We encourage NSF Principal Investigators to find, explore, and customize their project pages -- manage multi-institutional collaborative projects, showcase your progress and accomplishments, collaborate with your team, and manage your data. 

More control over your content: The new STEM Central Profile Pages allow you to easily edit your information, preferences, and featured expertise to allow people with similar interests  connect with you. The profile page also offers a library where you can collect your favorite STEM education resources.

Fully integrated database of resources: The new STEM Central tagging system allows you to more easily find documents, groups, people, or events of interest to you.



If you are already a member, please click the sign in button where you will be directed to the log in page. The email and password from the old site should still work! If not, simply reset your password.

If you are new to STEM Central, click the “log in” button and then the “sign up” link where you can create an account. Site administrators review applications based on our membership criteria (see below), and will do their best to approve requests within 24 hours. Be sure to check your SPAM folder for the email, them mark STEM Central as a safe sender.

Once you are logged in, please feel free to browse the Groups, Projects, and People Pages. Find and join a group, start a group, find your funded project, start a discussion, search for a resource, or share a resource in the group library.  We look forward to helping you form community around STEM higher education reform.



We welcome:

STEM faculty, education researchers, evaluators, educators, coordinators, administrators, program directors, CEOs, or funders with demonstrable commitment to improving and reforming STEM higher education.

We do not welcome:

Any organization or individual who seeks to use STEM Central to promote products, goods, or services.

Any organization or individual who seeks to use STEM Central to conduct research on vulnerable populations or recruit research participants based on demographic or minority status.



Please Contact Us, or join our STEM Central Community Forum where you post your questions, search for answers, and sign up for upcoming orientation webinars.



We look forward to seeing you on STEM Central!